Islamic App

Yaqeen is your one-stop Islamic mobile app designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Sign up and log in effortlessly to begin your Islamic journey.

The homepage greets you with the daily prayer time reminder, ensuring you stay on top of your Salah.

Dive deeper in the Discover section, where you can search through a treasure trove of Islamic content.

Explore stories of prophets, find specific duas and surahs from the Quran, and gain valuable knowledge.

Yaqeen's powerful search function empowers you to find exactly what you're looking for within the app.

Tapping on a Quran verse takes you directly to the dedicated Quran section within the app's "More" options.

Connect with the Muslim community through the built-in chat feature. Share stories, create groups and communities, or have a voice call with fellow users.

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Users can login with their Apple, Google and X account.

Yaqeen's "More" section lets you personalize your profile, manage friends and account security.

It has a Mosque Search option that notifies users about nearby mosques when enabled.

You can also track upcoming prayers and explore other helpful features like the Islamic calendar, Qibla direction, and weather updates.

Deepen your knowledge with the daily Quran verse and hadith displayed prominently.

The homepage keeps you on track for Salah with daily prayer times and Quran verses. Explore Islamic calendars, Qibla direction, weather, and hadiths.

Yaqeen's search lets you find anything, and Quran verses jump you to the dedicated section.